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Photo Diary 128/365 • Blur Background Of A Photo And How To Achieve It

10:31 AM

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Recently another photo contest at had ended (Wet Surfaces photo contest) and my photo "Rosa canina" had been ranked in the top 10% most voted. 

The challenge in this photo and the challenge in every close-up and portrait is to isolate the subject by achieving a beautiful blur backgroundBackground has its own importance and can define the quality of the photo; if it is a snapshot or not. In this photo if the depth of field was large and all the background was clearly seen no one could appreciate the beauty of the wild rose hips with the rain drops on them. 

The basic key steps to create this blurrity are four:

Stay close to your subject. Your subject should fill the most of your photo.

• Check the distance between your subject and the background. It must be bigger than the distance between you and your subject.

Zoom in and focus on your subject in order to narrow the depth of field. 

• Adjust your camera's f-stop in low numbers under f/8 (8, 7.1, 6.3, 5.6, etc.)

In close-ups and portraits these steps usually give a beautiful blur background. And, the more blur background we succeed, the better our photos look as we manage to isolate our subject. 

Of course, there are other aspects to take care, like the angle you choose and the light you have, but you have to experiment we all these factors to succeed your image of desire. As the Hungarian artist Laszlo Moholy-Nagy wrote, "The enemy of photography is the convention, the fixed rules of 'how to do.' The salvation of photography comes from the experiment".

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