Spring Amateur Photo Contest • March 2015

9:52 AM

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Sping is all around us spreading its blossoms, colors and aromas. There's no doubt about it despite wheather's playful turns. Trees and flowers are in bloom and they are definitely one of my favourite themes to photograph. I never get bored of capturing the freshness and the beauty of every new flower I see. Most of the times neither the flower nor the conditions are the same.
One of my commitments for this year is to participate in many photo contests; as many as I can. So, in the search of photography competitions I came across BBC Wildlife Magazine, Discover Wildlife. Every month it organizes reader photo contests with free entry - you only need to sign up. 

This month contest is about signs of spring and it is open for submissions until 31st March 2015, 23.59pm BST. The final date for voting is 30 April 2015. You can find the contest and submit your photos in this link:

The photos with the most votes may even be showcased in our two-weekly newsletter. The BBC Wildlife team may choose up to 20 images, which will be published in special photo contest online galleries at discoverwildlife.com. And, the overall winning image will be chosen by the BBC Wildlife team and will feature as the main image of the online photo contest gallery after the contest has closed. You can find more information in the Photo Contest: Terms & Condition Voting and Entry Page.

I participate with these two photos appeared on my post. And, you can vote them here: 

Wish you a wonderful week and good luck to all who will participate ☼!

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