Macro Photography Contest • March 2015

11:16 AM

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Image Credit: Pixabay
Do you love photography and do you love macro shots? There is a Worldwide Macro Contest running on Photocrowd until March 27th, 2015. Photocrowd is a place on the web where photographers, proffessionals and amateurs, can participate in contests and assignments and expose their portfolio. The entry is free and each participant can submit two photos. You can see the contest, participate and vote here:

Winners will be judjed and voted. There are different prizes for the expert and the crowd vote winner. And, both winning images will be printed in Digital Camera magazine, one of the leadings photography publication. You can read more details for the contest and prizes here

I participate in this contest with two photos. The first one is a macro shot of yellow moss on a fence that I captured in a cloudy winter day.

And, the second photo is a close-up of a meadow brown butterfly on a beautiful giant daisy that I photographed in a blooming garden during summer.

Hope you find this contest interesting and -why not?- you participate and vote, too!

Wish you all a happy Monday 
and an easy-going week ☼ !!!

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