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Photo Diary 7/365 • No two snowflakes are alike

12:47 PM

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All are based on the simple shape of hexagon, but no two snowflakes are alike. They carry the secret of uniqueness, like all the living creatures. Structure follows the same principles, but everyone is different. As the snowflakes move through different temperature and humidity, they take complex forms and aggregations of ice crystals. 

From 1885 Wilson Alwyn Bentley spent his life photographing the beauty of thousand snowflakes with the microscope in standing macros in order to find two identical flakes. Eventually, in 1988 Nancy Knight found two identical snowflakes of the hollow column type. But, I don't know if this discovery can really change the general belief about their unique pattern.

Wilson Alwyn Bentley snima emulzi ze sklenene desky
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Spending the first days of this new year in northern Greece, where it was snowing continuously for two days, covering white everything, I had the chance to photograph a lot of this beautiful weather. Despite the severe cold and the difficulties in our movement due to the unusual extended frost, the snow always brings joy almost to everyone. 

photo via pixabay

As Orhan Pamuk has written once, snowflakes are “...the endless repetition of an ordinary miracle.” 

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