Free Worldwide Shipping and Discounts for the first days of November

10:06 AM

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The November has begun with autumn discounts here in Greece and I was so glad to read in my emails that two of the internet shops, Society6 and Redbubble, where I have my portfolio available, have started discounts for the Thanksgiving period.


In my Society6 store, you can enjoy FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and $5 OFF EACH ITEM as long as you follow this link to order:

The offer expires Nomember 9, 2014 at Midnight Pacific Time. Please note the offer is not automatically available, but you must click the red link above to visit my Society6 Store.

"The Tree Series" Calendar 2015 by ioanna papanikolaou
[by-jwp] on Redbubble

But, there are also discounts and in my Redbubble shop:

15% OFF EVERYTHING with the code RBHOLIDAY15. The offer is valid now until Thursday, November 6th.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!!!

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