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Artist of the Week XXV Trees Contest • An interview with the fine art photographer Georgia Fowler

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The twenty fifth "Artist of the week" contest had the beautiful theme of "Trees" and a very talented fine art photographer for winner, Georgia Fowler with her stunning photo "Misty Chestnut Grove". Georgia Fowler is from UK, but now she spends most of her time between France and Thailand. Her rich and interesting portfolio cover a variety of themes, from portraits and vintage style photos to images of Europe. Today, I'm so happy to present her wonderful work and interview. 

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By JWP. Would you like to tell us few words about your winning artwork for introduction. 

Georgia. It was the first autumnal day in early November in the south west of France. I hate the cold weather but needed to go out and as always, had my camera bag with me. I had driven past these trees many times as it is a little chestnut grove just outside the village, but on this morning there was a wonderful mist shrouding the trees. Many of the the leaves had fallen, but some were still on the trees and it was such a serendipitous moment I ended up with some wonderful photos. This one is actually one of my favourites from the 1000s I have taken over the years. I gave a gift of it, in black and white, to my sister for her wedding anniversary a few years ago and it hangs in her old but wonderfully renovated French farmhouse. 

By JWP. What do you think that played a significant role to your decision to become an artist and expose your work? 

Georgia. I have always been artistic and creative. As a child my mother always had us making something! I don't feel whole without having something creative in my life. I began taking photography seriously when my children were born and then in 2007 we went on a 4 month trip around SE Asia and my husband bought me my first DSLR. I started showing my work as a way to make some extra money while homeschooling my two daughters. Once their supervised education was done I took it much more seriously as I had more time.

By JWP. Which things you enjoy to photograph, or create most and why? 

Georgia. I love architecture, especially European. I also love creating dramatic high contrast black and white images. I also love colour so my photography is a mixture of dramatic colour and dramatic monochrome. 

I also love photographing children. They are so much more fun than adults! Most seem to love posing too and are not self concious. My portrait work with children is natural though rather than stiffly posed. I try to capture their personality. 

By JWP. How do you think that your work differs from the rest artists and what motivates you to continue making art? 

Georgia. I live my life between Thailand and France. I try to shoot areas and places that are not always seen. So even in a well travelled place like Paris, I will try and find some interesting back streets and shots to show the essence of a place rather than just a photo. 
My motivation comes from travelling, seeing new places and needing to make a living!! I would still do this even if I didn't make any money from it but it is so much nicer to be able to make money doing what you love.

By JWP. Can art change someone's life in a better way? 

Georgia. Yes. As an artist it can take you outside yourself, help you forget worries or troubles. When I am on a shoot I am totally focused. I prefer to be alone, rather than with family or friends. That way I can just concentrate on what I am doing. 
As a non artist it can speak to you, whether a photograph, painting or sculpture. I lose time in art galleries. I am amazed that an artist understands how I feel. 

By JWP. What is the best advice you ever heard for your work or your life as an artist. 

Georgia. Always have your camera with you. Don't charge too little for what you do. Take into account time, equipment, processing etc. Love what you do. It shows in your work! 

Thank you so much Georgia for these inspiring words!!! You can find Georgia Fowler and her fabulous work in her website and in the social media network:


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