Wednesday's Framed Art Print • "In the shore" • by-jwp on redbubble

10:06 AM

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 "In the shore" • by-jwp on redbubble

Maybe the previous October we had our fireplace lighted and we wore warm clothes, but this year the autumn seems to have lost its way... The weather even here in the northern Greece has springtime temperatures. Of course, we don't hurry, if the fall doesn't hurry... 

So, for today I chose a photo I've taken in Kerkini Lake, in the region of Serres, this spring. Green grass and leaves, beautiful wild flowers and stunning reflections in the lake's serene surface. In some points, there are tall wooden columns inside the lake, where storks build their nests and create an exceptional element to the scenery. Lake Kerkini National Park was established in 2006 to protect all this beautiful natural heritage. This work is from my new series for Trees with textured and grunge backgrounds. Hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!!!

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