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'cichorium' Framed Art by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on society6

I always praise photography for changing the way I see and move in the world, but sometimes I wonder if this change is only due to photography? Being raised in an urban environment in the 80's and 90's, when nature was taken so for granted and was considered so "out", as the domain pop culture was occurring in completely different places. Terms like global warming, environmentally friendly habits, natural living, etc. were discussed only in a theoretical level, in the essays we were writing for exams .

And, after almost twenty years I feel joy to discover the beauty of common weeds and herbs, like chicory, from the ancient greek word cichorium ("κιχώριον"), which grows everywhere even in the edges of the sidewalks. It was always there, but I had never felt before the curiosity and the enthusiasm to capture its elegant blue flowers ...

For more photos and products you can browse my society6 portfolio: www.society6/byjwp

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