Sunday product • 'the light inside' tote bag • by-jwp on redbubble

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'the light inside' tote bag • by-jwp on redbubble

Photographing butterflies is very challenging and something so new for me. These beautiful creatures usually fly and move their wings rapidly and it's so difficult to capture them. Two butterflies that I managed to photograph clearly this summer, were so absorb in doing what they did that they stayed almost still. They say that it's better to photograph butterflies, when the weather is cooler, as the heat of the sun helps them move their wings. So, they are more approachable early in the morning or late in the afternoon. 

Yet, both of the butterflies I captured, had one wing broken and it's so relieving to know that even these symbols of grace and beauty can live and function well with their imperfection!!! Thinking all these, I made "the light inside"; a multi-layered photo that you can find im my redbubble and society6 portfolio.

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