Saturday's Phone Case: "Tulips In The Village" • by-jwp on society6

10:18 AM

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Tulips in the village iPhone & iPod Case
"Tulips In The Village" Phone Case • by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on society6

"Tulips In The Village" is a capture of beautiful red tulips in a picturesque village in the greek region of Prespes. One of the many advantages of staying in a place with many gardens is that you live and perceive seasons with flowers. This photo was taken on April, when it was definitely the right time for tulips; they were so many, big and colorful that no one couldn't stay less impressed by their beauty. Today, I believe that chrysanthemums should be prevailing in the gardens and in the balconies with their dense blossoms, having as a background a white cold day. But, unfortunately weather changes don't surprise us always pleasantly ... Wish have you all have an easy-going weekend with less problems and no more disasters !!!

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