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Lonely Tree Throw Pillow
'Lonely Tree' • by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on society6

After spending a weekend away from the internet, I re-organized in my spare time my files and photography folders ... A quite complicated task, if you have to arrange so many, many photos!!! The last night I was thinking that detailed organizing may "kills" inspiration. My head and eyes were completely dizzy and I was really about to leave my "cleaning" in the middle, when I found my photos from beautiful trees and hills with cloudscapes. 

I photographed the most of these trees in the greek region of Prespes, but also in Edessa and Aridaia. For the first time, I saw them all gathered in one page and immediately new ideas and a brand new series began...!!! Inspiration may not dwell only in chaotic, labyrinthine files, but also in neat folders ... !!! Wish you all have a beautiful and inspirational week!!!

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