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on a meadow iPhone & iPod Case
 'on a meadow' iPhone case • by-jwp on society6

"On a meadow" is a dreamy capture of a dried field with weeds in early September. Nature has always beautiful moments no matter what season is and, despite the weather. The same frame can be beautiful either with green grass and blue sky, or with yellow weeds and gray cloudy sky. The same frame in a different moment with a different mood may seem completely different and have no resemblance ... !!! 

Friends always ask me where I find all this stuff ... day after day a new photo ...!!! And, my answer is everywhere; in my balcony, outside my door, in my garden, on the road !!! Every moment they are there ... the only thing we should do is to look, not just see and to listen, not just hear !!!  Have a beautiful and recharging weekend !!!

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