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elusive iPhone & iPod Case
"elusive" by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on society6

Kids are always a pure source of inspiration ... We were having our morning walk with my 3 years-old son, when he found a small white snail that took with him to give it to his father ... for a present!!! After a while, we stopped to take photos some beautiful lavender flowers, which are one of my new "obsessions". I cut a small stem to make some isolated shots, when my little son just came close to grasp it ... I actually have a photo with his little hand on the flower ... He said that he needed it to place it near its snail friend ... After many begs and explanations, he accepted to lend them to me only for two minutes to make this shot and then took them immediately back ... This is the small story of "elusive"; a textured still life composition of lavender stem and flowers with a snail ... Hope you like it !!! Have a beautiful day!!!

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