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fallen Wall Clock
'fallen' wall clock • by-jwp on society6

Tomorrow will be officially autumn time ... Not that I'm in hurry to announce it, but the autumn equinox, the official first day of the fall season, will take place tomorrow early in the morning ... Surely every season has its gifts for everyone ... For me, the first autumnal thing that comes to my mind is the colorful leaves... The previous autumn I made some pretty frames with dried leaves (you can see the post in my DIY blog FindAWayByjwp). So, this year I'm looking forward to gathering more beautiful warm-toned "treasures". 

And, today's product is relevant to these thoughts. This photo was taken in Loutraki village of the Aridaia region, here in northern Greece. In its forest, where the famous Loutraki spa are located, there are many natural spa pools that are filled with fallen leaves every autumn. That day they looked so beautifully golden under the October sun with the reflections of the yellow trees surrounding them ... And, of course, I couldn't resist to capture their rich colors ... For more products of this image, you can click here at my society6 portfolioHope you like them ... Have a beautiful week!!!

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