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11:44 AM

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'stuck together' by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on redbubble

One thing that photography surely taught me and was so beneficial for me, was to "stuck" me on the present moment. I was always such a thought escapist, thinking about the past or the future, when I should just live the present ... But, with the camera at hand, you have no other choice than to be there ... to watch, to observe, to choose and isolate only the present. The past or the future are invisible components of what you see. Maybe, you can make an interpretation of them in the post-processing and photo treatment. But when you are there, you are only trying to grasp your reality as good as you can ... there is no time for wonder ... You have to come closer to what surrounds you and discover all the trivial, but so beautiful details, like these lovely snails stuck together in an autumnal meadow

Hope you all have a beautiful Friday!!!

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