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My new duvet covers. Bright colorful floral.

11:34 AM

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I really like Redbubble! So many things to do... so much to share... Except the throw pillows, Redbubble added recently duvet covers in three different sizes: twin (173cm x 224cm), queen (224cm x 224cm) and king (264cm x 224cm). They are made by brushed polyester printed topside with a soft cotton/polyester off-white underside. They have concealed zipper and ties for securing your duvet inside (insert not included). 

That's such a great idea! Here are my new pieces; bright, colorful, floral... and so summery!!! 

lavender neon by by-jwp
"lavender neon" by by-jwp [ioanna papanikolaou] in Redbubble

Yellow marigolds by by-jwp
"yellow marigolds" by by-jwp [ioanna papanikolaou] in Redbubble

And, my pinterest board:

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