August 2014, 8 - 14. The brightest full moon and the hottest week... my new weekly uploaded photos, duvets, cushions and cases!!!

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The brightest and biggest full moon, not only of this year, but in twenty years, and maybe the hottest week of this summer here in Greece!!! Yes, this week was full of impressive events! 

beach diagonal by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"beach diagonal" by ioanna papanikolaou (by-jwp) on Redbubble

mediterranean lines by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"mediterranean lines" 
by ioanna papanikolaou 
(by-jwp) on Redbubble
 by ioanna papanikolaou 
(by-jwp) on redbubble

My photos uploaded for this week were influenced by the summery mood and the amazing August full moon. Abstract photos from beautiful greek beaches with cyan waters and gold sand! I really enjoyed making repetitive motifs of them for my new duvet covers on Redbubble! Sunny skies with puffy clouds and blossoms with vivid colors! 

invincible summer by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"invincible summer" 
by ioanna papanikolaou (by-jwp) 
on redbubble
the turquoise door by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"the turquoise door" by ioanna papanikolaou (by-jwp) on redbubble

Except from the new duvet covers, you can find all these photos printed in phone cases, tote bags, throw pillows, T-shirts and hoodies, prints, greeting cards and posters, of course.

geranium black and white by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"geranium black and white" by ioanna
papanikolaou (by-jwp) on redbubble
white treasure flower by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"white treasure flower"
by ioanna papanikolaou (by-jwp)
on redbubble

Have a beautiful and relaxing weekend!!!

balance on a beach by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
"balance on a beach" by ioanna papanikolaou (by-jwp)
on redbubble

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