the rule of thirds

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The rule of thirds is one of the basic one learns in photography. Photographers with experience usually do it automatically. They divide their picture in nine quarters, tree rows of three horizontal and three vertical squares. And, capture their points of interest in the one or more inner crosses. These points are considered the powerful points of a visual composition that follow the natural way of seeing.

Yesterday I realised that I usually forget to do that. Most of the times I put the main point of interest in the center or I divide the picture in the middle, horizontally or vertically. Yet, I found out that some of my favourites photos were taken according to the rule of thirds.

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Sometimes the theme itself leads you to capture it with this framing automatically, subconsciously and without second thoughts. Like the white cobblestone house above in the village of St. Germain (Agios Germanos) in Prespes, or the traditional fishing boat in the Koula plaz in the same region.

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And, also, there are always the photo programs that sometimes give us delightful ideas of cropping, as it happened with this yellow mum close-up. Surely, I didn't have this in mind when I photographed it, but the result after cropping is so impressive.

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