My new monochrome flowers series

10:07 AM

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A very common, yet gorgeous theme that photography explores, is flowers. Close-ups and macros; colorful, black and white, or sepia; in still life compositions, in landscape captures or isolated with a monochrome background. 

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Flowers prevail in a great part of every art from painting to photography due to their timeless beauty. Someone, logically, may ask why to continue to photograph flowers, or to paint them, when are billions other photos and paintings with them. 

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Firstly, I guess that the same question rises to every activity, not only to the artistic ones. This part of the answer always dwells inside. What is meaningful for me, may be meaningless for some of the others. And, secondly every flower in the specific moment can give such unique results that I can't resist to experiment.

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This was the week that I reorganized my monochrome and selective coloring series of flowers. Although that I love colorful captures of flowers, as they give impressive compositions, I adore equally black and white floral photography, as it insists on the structural elegance and minimal floral, yet naturally complicated, beauty.

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Always so much to see and experience in creating a photo! This gazania close-up is my latest monochrome flower work! And, did you know? Gazania are also called treasure flowers! Have a happy weekend! 

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