The story behind: "The Story of the White Bear" by Jukka Nopsanen

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"The story behind" is a new column here in By jwp blogand a new attempt to approach the story that lies behind the creation of an artwork. Artists, members of the "Artist of the week" group for the beginning and I hope in the future and from other sites, show a piece of their art and introduce us to their work and to their artistic world through the story of its creation. 

I feel very honored and very happy that the first post is from Jukka Nopsanena Finnish award-winning and very talented artist, portrait painter and art teacher at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Jukka has a rich biography and a continuous and active presence in Fine Arts from '70, with many awards, solo and group exhibitions, public works and teaching experience. Today, we are seeking "The Story of the White Bear", one of his very intriguing, thought-provoking and award-winning oil paintings. 

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"The Story of the White Bear" is a large oil painting on canvas, 100 x 200 cm, with a wildlife theme. The polar bear cub asks for help of his fellow brown bears. The brown bears are painted from the photographs by Hannu Huttu and the polar bear is painted from a photograph by an unknown photographer. Climate change and how it is caused by the man is the main inspiration of this great artwork. As an artist, Jukka Nopsanen is frustrated and aware of how we cannot fight against the global warming and this is his message. The relationship between man and nature and the current environmental threats, like pollution, global warming, environmental degradation, deforestation, etc. play a very important role in Jukka Nopsanen's art as a source of inspiration and selection of his topics.

"The story of the white bear" was nominated the 2nd 2013 Showcase Winner in the painting Category of the ArtSlant Awards

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