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veronica persica by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
'veronica persica' by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on redbubble

"It is not classed as rare, or found alone,
In distant land where lived that gentle saint,
It is our common speedwell, and is known,
By any with the flowers are well acquaint."
Anna Jane Grannis
Speedwell, the flower of Saint Veronica

This photo was taken in a field of Prespes a sunny spring afternoon. The field was full of small wild flowers, weeds and fresh green grass. Usually we don't stop and stare these common weeds; they are so small and so many that we pass them by with disinterest. Yet, a short closer look is enough to reveal their beauty. The field speedwell, (veronica persica, persian self-heal) is a small annual herb, well-known and widespread, which had been used in the past centuries for medical purposes. Its agriculture value is high and its prus cost reveals its importance as an agriculture weed.
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Anna Jane Grannis, Speedwell, the flower of Saint Veronica, Press of Darling, 1900.

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