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9:28 AM

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blue in bloom Framed Art Print
'blue in bloom' framed art by ioanna papanikolaou [by-jwp] on society6

"Life without love is like a tree
without blossoms or fruit."

I don't know how many times in this spring I photographed trees in full bloom; how many branches and how many flowers; almond trees, peer trees, apple trees... Every time I standed in front of this refreshing beauty I couldn't resist to take one more shot, one more close-up... Different colors, different light, different angle, different mood... Everytime seemed so different, although many would say that it's just a tree. It's just a common flower like million others. But, I'm thinking this is nature; a continuous repetition of the similar in a unique way; this is our circular inimitable capture... our life and our moments; my trees with blossoms...

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