Artist of the week VII - an interview with the artist Pamela Saramandif Vardin

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The week starts with the interesting interview of the winner of the seventh contest for the "Artist of the week"Pamela Saramandif Vardin and her wonderful work "Mysterious attraction". Pamela is from the island of Mauritius. With studies in Fine Arts and experience in teaching and interior design, she is now a full-time painter. Her fabulous mixed-media artworks explore the countless possibilities of textures and techniques, using elegant abstract themes from nature and other inspirational sources.

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By jwp. Would you like to tell us few words about yourself and your life as an artist for introduction. 

Pamela. I am from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean. As a kid I always enjoyed drawing and painting. After High school, it was obvious for me to continue with Art. I therefore studied Fine Arts and Interior Design at the University of Mauritius. I hence became an Art Teacher and enjoyed designing and decorating houses as a part-time job. But, painting has always been innate in me. Now, I am mostly devoted to my painting, like a way to dig deeper inside me. 

By jwp. What do you think urge people to seek creation through art? And, what do you think that played a significant role to your decision to become an artist and expose your work? 

Pamela. Art has always been a way of expression and communication and will always be. And, the urge to create is within us. I believe that in every man there is a treasure and in some persons that treasure manifests itself in creative expressions like painting, drawing, writing, dancing, etc. Since every man is unique, their art conveys what they want to share to the world. To be an artist has been my long-life quest and the decision to expose my artwork is new. I started a journey of self-discovery that built up my self confidence. So, I decided to make my artwork public... 

By jwp. What do you do to get inspired and how you handle the 'dry' periods? 

Pamela. Inspiration depends on many things. Sometimes I am driven by my emotions/ feelings. Sometimes I am attracted by the aesthetics value of certain things. But, I don't limit myself to this urge. I always go deeper into the matter before I create. And, sometimes it's a long period of reflection. I don't believe in 'dry' periods. Dry periods is a time to re-focus and discover new things. 

By jwp. Do you believe that themes and the medium you use in your artwork reveal something about your character and your former experience? Can you explain some of them? 

Pamela. I am mostly driven by textures... Textures add depth and variety to an artwork. I am always in search of new textures, new painting effects. Sometimes it is my search for new effects that lead to a theme. As soon as I start to work, ideas keep flowing. And, at times it is a theme emerging when i allow my mind to travel... To answer your question, I would say yes, my artwork is about my character, my life, my experience. For example, my paintings is a synthesis between man and nature... 'Mysterious Attraction' is part of a series called 'Rooted'. My thinking is that man is like tree. Life starts out of a minute seed. With vital elements present, that seed develops into a tree that flourishes... Like man, deeply grounded, finds his way and matures... 

By jwp. How do you think that your work differs from the rest artists, who are so many here on FAA, but also on the internet and in the market? 

Pamela. As I mentioned earlier, every man is unique. Every man has a unique past and lives the present according to his choices of environment and circumstances. As a fact, each man has his own way of seeing things, transmitting his feelings. To support what I mean, have a look this contest based on One theme 'Landscape'. You got 471 artworks, all so different from each other.. 

By jwp. How would you describe your activity in online communities like FAA or social media networks? Does it play an important role in your sales? 

Pamela. I am new on FAA, and I am amazed by the network! It is wonderful to find other people with same passions, but with different backgrounds, with unlimited creative capabilities to be able to connect and share their art. As for the sale, surely it is a great opportunity to make myself known. As I am from a remote island, not much is done for artists here...

By jwp. How do you handle negative or malicious comments? 

Pamela. Well! Negative comments are often constructive. I must have conveyed a negative image to have attracted negative comments. Malicious comments are better left ignored. Because I think it is wiser to use my time developing what will make me a better person than to spend my energy in trying to handle malicious comments... 

By jwp. What is the most challenging in being creative and an artist? 

Pamela. Being an artist here in Mauritius is very challenging. Many artists like me would love doing just their art, but it is hard to earn a living from our paintings ( that's why it is so great to have FAA). The challenge is also against myself... Striving to surpass myself... To always keep my self confidence high... Otherwise it is hard to create...

By jwp. Can art change someone's life in a better way? Would you like to give an example? 

Pamela. Surely, art can change someone's life. Art take us out of our normal life, and make us see things in a different angle. We develop a more philosophical approach in our perception. When one has a change of vision, he has a new way of seeing things... 

By jwp. If you could share the essence of your knowledge and experience to the world, what would say in one quote or phrase. 

Pamela. My thinking of art is that "Painting is an illusion, a piece of magic... Because there is so much more than what you see... It is a boundless world of imagination, transgressing the limits of the world of reality... You need to understand the magic to see the true picture!"

Thank you very much Pamela for this interesting and inspirational conversation. You can find Pamela's stunning artwork in the Fine Art America and sites:

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