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Artist of the week V - an interview with the artist Ana Maria Edulescu

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Art PrintsIn the fifth "Artist of the week" contest, which took place before two weeks, the winner was a very talented full-time artist from Romania, Ana Maria Edulescu with her wonderful painting "Barcelona View At Sunrise - Park Guell of Gaudi". Ana Maria has developed with her brushes and her palette knifes a very personal and unique style, using multiple vibrant colors, relief surfaces and themes that travel the viewer to known places and unknown feelings and dreams. Today, I'm so happy to present her interesting interview and her fabulous artistic work.

By jwp. Ana-Maria, how did you get into art? What do you think that played a significant role to become a full-time artist ? 

Ana-Maria. There was a time in my early childhood when in every morning I wake up in the smell of the oil paints from my father's studio, who was also a painter. I loved that smell then and I love it today. I think then started my way in art.... 
I don't know if there was a specific moment that played a significant role for me to become a full-time artist. What I know for sure is that now I can't imagine myself doing anything else. 

By jwp. How would you describe your work? What do you think is the characteristic that differentiate you from the other artists?

Ana-Maria. I simply cannot describe my paintings in words. I perceive the act of painting as being sacred in itself and I feel that if I would start to analyze it too much, I would destroy this sacredness, it's inner mystery. The artist's mission is only to create in my opinion. The process of creation is something too intimate for me and very complex to describe it in words. 

By jwp. How do you find inspiration?

Ana-Maria. There are so many things to tell for answering completely to this question, but I think perhaps the quietness would be the best answer, at least from my part, because anything I would say, I'm sure I'd forget something. I paint my dreams, my emotions, lived or only apparently lived impressions ... I simply express myself in my work. 

By jwp. In your work you use so bright and intense colors. Do you believe that colors, medium and themes you use could tell something about your personality and your experiences of life and what would that be? 

Ana-Maria. Yes! It shows that I am and I hope that I will always be a child ... or at least that I try to preserve by my art that miraculous joy that only children can feel ... 

By jwp. Are you extrovert or introvert as an artist?

Ana-Maria. I really cannot define myself only as an extrovert or only as an introvert. Sometimes it depends of what I'm working to ... 

By jwp. What is the most challenging in being creative and an artist? 

Ana-Maria. To know that you have only one life and so many ideas ... too less time for so many things to paint ... 

By jwp. What is the best advice you ever heard for your art or for your life as an artist? 

Ana-Maria. If you want to create art, do it ! Do it daily, do it hour by hour, do it in every single moment of your life ... paint with your brushes, paint with your palette knives, paint with anything, but especially paint with your heart, with your soul. This is the advice I give myself every day! 

Ana Maria Edulescu currently lives in Bucharest. Many of her artworks are in private collections all over world. You can find Ana Maria and more of her unique work in her website:

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