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Those who visit my small blog (and thank you very much for it), you have already seen my new column, the "Artist of the week" and you have already read the winners' interviews of the previous week, Dorothy Pinder and R Christopher Vest. 

The "Artist of the week" is a new group in Fine Art America and community, but with a good dynamic and a purpose to learn more about artists and photographers beyond "likes and shares", which, of course, are also welcome. So, every week we make a contest and the winner gives an interview, in order to make known not only his work, but also his thoughts and his ideas about art and life.

Voting is in progress for the next 18 hours, in order to reveal the winner of the next week and it is open to general public. You don't have to be a member of Fine Art America or in order to vote. So, if you think that this sounds interesting and challenging, you can vote from one to three artworks, following this link:

I really hope to find something interesting in this concept and also in the work of the artists and photographers that participate in the contest. Have a beautiful day !!!

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