'the golden stamen' framed art print • by-jwp on redbubble

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golden stamen by IOANNA PAPANIKOLAOU
'the golden stamen' framed art print • by-jwp on redbubble

"I stand there at the corner, known
by the equinox and knowing
nothing, exposed by the alethic
light of those apples,
that fearless crocus,
the magnolia tree, its chandelier
of tears."

The stamens of Crocus are so impressive. Their electric orange or yellow color are always noticeable in the eye. According to one of the possible etymologies, Theophrastus, the great botanist, was using the greek word kroke to describe flower's stigma. So, he named this spring flower crocus. In Greek, krokos (κρόκος) is the egg yolk that has golden yellow color.

Moreover, stamen of crocus sativus (saffron) is not golden only in color, but also in value. It's the only plant whose product is sold by gram; that's why it is always considered the most valuable crop species in the world. In the times of king Edward III, an English traveler had to steal one of the valuable corms, which were controlled only by the highest classes in Cashmere, in order to take it back to Europe.
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