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Flo Fox. A NY street photographer that insists to work and achieves the impossible

8:47 AM

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Art is not a simple passion. It is basically an inner need; so strong, independent and self-directed that can surpass logic, physical limitations, even the impossible in order to create something with meaning and importance firstly for its own sake. 

Flo Fox is a street photographer in New York city. In 1999 she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Despite blindness, multiple sclerosis and lung cancer, she continues to shoot the streets of NYC. As she is no longer able to hold the camera, she gives instructions to her assistants in order to photograph her view. 

Her name, Flo, is the title of the multiple-awarded documentary by the filmmaker Riley Hooper, who was the Grand Jury winner for 2012 documentary short. Her film presents Flo and her work, showing the way she surpasses her disability and illness in order to make what has meaning for her. The photographer Flo is a living poem for the strength we may hide inside us and how art can enhance this endless power and the meaning of our existence. 


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