pirate stories and an ancient quarry beach

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pouria beach • skyros • greece

The Pouria is the most unusual beach and a coastal settlement on the island of Skyros, in Sporades. It is characterized by many rocks in strange shapes and peculiar, curved formation. It is located in the east side of the island between Molos and Gyrismata. 

This natural cape had been used in ancient times as a quarry. Through the centuries, mysterious stories have been developed for this place; old legends and rumors about shipwrecks, pirates, ghosts, even vampires. Just across from this beach, there is a group of small rocky  islets, called Vampire's islets. As a counterweight, locals had built in Pouria many small churches, some inside the existing large rocks and they have painted them externally white; they really look unique and quaint. 

Despite this old dark side, I found it extremely beautiful to swim and enjoy the sun in this lunar seascape. The  view of the rocky mountain, where the picturesque Chora is climbing with its distinctive cycladitic architecture, is superb.

The Pouria beach is also ideal place for scuba diving and fishing, as it is rich in fish and has an impressive scenery with rocky sea-arches.

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