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orestiada lake, kastoria

When I read for the first time that the lake in Kastoria city is called Orestiada, I was surprised. I was wondering what common a lake in North-western Greece can have with a city in North-eastern Greece, in the region of Thraki, near the borders. Reading further about the etymology and the history of the word, I was surprised twice with the ignorance I have about the history of our places. 

Orestedes was an ancient tribe around the area of the lake. Orestai means mountainous. Their region was called Orestida, so the lake took their name, Orestiada. There's also the myth of Orestes, the son of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, and Clytemnestra. After the matricide, Orestes, pursued by Erinyes, arrived there and founded the Argos Orestiko city. There's one more legend of Oread, or Orestiad; a type of nymphs that lived in the mountains.

Nowadays, Orestiada lake is the eleventh in size lake in Greece, rich in fish and a meeting point of 200 species of birds.  


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