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eight sides of everything

3:03 PM

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tsimiski str., thessaloniki, greece

"I'm indecisive because I see eight sides to everything. "
April Kepner, from Grey's Anatomy

I know two forms of indecisiveness from self practice; when one can't decide for a long time and when he finally does it, his decision is made under pressure and out of time. And, when one makes a decision emotionally or impulsively, before getting or ignoring the required information

Indecisiveness has many causes that turn out to be different sides of the same coin; the coin of fear. Fear of losing, fear of pain, fear of mistake, fear of responsibility, fear of not be perfect, fear of disappointing others, fear of uncertainty, fear of the unknown. All those forms of fear that we've developed instinctively through centuries to survive. The truth is that we all feel them, but some of us can't let them go and act clearly, accepting the consequences of our decisions. Yet, in the end, when the coin is tossed, it will always come up head or tail, but never head and tail at the same time.

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